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About Xtreme Fitness

Xtreme Fitness is a fitness gym located in Campbellsville, KY. Currently, that is the only location for the company. The gym was founded by Tim Ferrie and launched a few years ago. The gym is currently privately owned. For your convenience, Xtreme Fitness is open seven days per week. The hours of operation are 11 AM-6 PM. The gym is located on Greenburg Rd. in Campbellsville, KY. The gym is available for people with all types of fitness backgrounds. If you are looking to be apart of a convenient gym that will help you meet your fitness goals, you may want to consider a membership at Xtreme Fitness. Xtreme Fitness strives to provide each member with the best fitness experience. The goal is to make the gym accessible to any and everyone. The gym includes state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Xtreme Fitness has elliptical machines, battle ropes, pull-up bars, pull-down machines, free weights, treadmills, dumbbells, exercise bikes, and more. If you prefer to participate in upbeat classes that are offered by experienced instructors, Xtreme Fitness can provide that for you. The type of fitness classes offered is Yoga, Cardio, Zumba, and more. Xtreme Fitness also offers Personal Training. Each Personal Trainer is experienced and certified. They will work closely with you to gather information about your health and fitness goals. With this information, they will come up with an action plan to help you meet your goals. Membership pricing varies based on the plan that you choose to purchase. If you would like to cancel your Xtreme Fitness membership, we can help you do so. We have included a step-by-step cancellation guide on this page. The guide includes the information you will need to have handy when contacting Xtreme Fitness, as well as how to contact them. Please continue reading this page for more information.

Xtreme Fitness CANCEL GUIDES

Get together the following account information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Billing Address
  • Account Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Amount of Last Charge
  • Password
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Date of Last Charge

Certified Mail

Follow these steps:

  1. Type or write up a letter and request cancellation within it. Provide all of your account info as listed. Sign and date the letter and Keep a copy for your records.
  2. Make sure to use Certified mail and send your correspondance to the following address: the address provided to you by the gym
  3. Contact them by calling the phone number for the gym you signed up at or attended most frequently after your letter is received to ensure your account is cancelled
  4. Ask for documentation that you contacted them
  5. As usual, just in case, keep the proof that you’ve cancelled handy.

Phone (Live Agent)

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact them by calling the phone number for the gym you signed up at or attended most frequently
  2. Request that they inform you about the cancellation process
  3. So that they can locate your account, provide the information they ask for
  4. Ask if you are in a contract or free to cancel
  5. If asked to send a letter follow our instructions to do so!

MORE ABOUT Xtreme Fitness

Address 11800 Greensburg Rd
Zip/Postal Code42718
CountryUnited States
Contact Information
Phone 1270-789-3700