Tips for deleting or removing your account!

Removing your account is sometimes not so simple as you would think! A lot of Social Media sites try to “hide” their account or delete pages.
Why? They want you to stay! All the info you provide by reacting to posts, tagging photo’s, filling out profiles, sharing and so on, is info for the Owners. It will be used later in marketing products and more.
For example, images you uploaded to a Social Media site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram should be deleted before you close or delete your account!
If you are not sure about this fact, check the terms and conditions for your Social Media website.

Nobody knows for sure if all your data is deleted, so keep that in mind for next time if you upload a picture or a new story at your Social Media page!
All the New Media is there to get as much info about you, so they can use it for many applications!

There are lots of websites without deleting options, make your data useless. Change your name is HTDM=How To Delete Me for example!
Are there fields to fill in, use our URL! No Problem….
How more info you can “erase”, the better!

If you deleted your account, also check your third party like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo or more.. Don’t forget to revoke all the access from these websites!

Some of the Social Media keep sending e-mails, ignore them for at least more than a month! Otherwise, your account probably is not removed, and will stay active!

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