How to delete or cancel is a credit repair service and website that appears to be based in Seattle, Washington under the leadership of the company’s president, Scott Smith. Records for the service seem to date back to 2012 when the company appears to have launched. CreditRepair aims to help customers improve their credit ratings by focusing on challenging items listed on your credit report that are invalid, inaccurate, or unfair in some other way and working to have them removed as a way of raising your score. Specific items that may be challenged, if they meet the criteria of an item that is unfair, invalid, or inaccurate, include collections, late payments, charge offs, judgments, bankruptcies, repossessions, and foreclosures. In addition to this service, offers an article library with hundreds of articles containing information pertaining to credit improvement, debt solutions, identity theft, loans, and savings.

When signing up for the service initially, there is a fee of $14.99 for each credit report that is pulled from the credit reporting firms on your behalf. This is to determine exactly what is listed on your credit report in order to begin challenging items. The ongoing service from, which includes a personal online dashboard, score tracker and analysis, mobile apps, and text and/or email alerts, will be billed each month at a rate of $99.95. This monthly charge automatically renews and charges each month unless the account is cancelled by the subscriber. However, there is no minimum time commitment to use and the service can be cancelled at any time desired by the subscriber without penalty. More information about how to cancel your account can be found on this page to assist you.

To cancel or delete your account, you will need to gather this information

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation
Last 4 Digits of Card
Date of Last Charge
Amount of Last Charge
Date of Birth
Account Number

Using the information listed above, follow these easy steps

Method: Phone (Live Agent)

  1. Dial 855-255-0263
  2. Ask the representative to cancel your account
  3. Provide your account information when requested
  4. Ask the representative for a confirmation number or email
  5. Keep your confirmation number or email as proof that you cancelled your account

Here’s some additional helpful information about

Address 1: P.O. Box 3928
City: Salt Lake City
State/Province/Region: UT
Zip/Postal Code: 84110
Country: United States
Phone 1: 855-255-0263
Phone 2: 800-232-6499
Email 1: [email protected]
Twitter Url:
Facebook Url:
Main Site Url:
Help Site Url:
Contact Form Url:
Terms Of Service Url:
Privacy Policy Url: