How to delete or cancel Trim Down Club

How to delete or cancel Trim Down Club

Trim Down Club provides nutritional resources and programs. Follow these 6 steps to learn how to cancel your Trim Down Club subscription.

To cancel or delete your account, you will need to gather this information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation

Using the information listed above, follow these easy steps

Method: Web Form

  1. Goto
  2. Scroll down to locate the contact form
  3. Enter your information where requested and request cancellation immediately
  4. Ask the representative for a confirmation number or email
  5. Do not consider your account cancelled until you receive an email back. You may be asked if you are sure you want to cancel. If so, respond affirming your desire and wait for a confirmation that your account has been cancelled.
  6. Keep your confirmation number or email as proof that you cancelled your account

Here’s some additional helpful information about Trim Down Club

Address 1: POB 326
Address 2:
State/Province/Region: Yoqneam
Zip/Postal Code: 2069205
Country: Israel
Email 1: [email protected]
Email 2: [email protected]
Email 3: [email protected]
Twitter Url:
Facebook Url:
Main Site Url:
Help Site Url:
Contact Form Url:
Terms Of Service Url:
Privacy Policy Url: